Accelerate the pace of reconstruction after the disaster, ensure that the masses are safe and warm

Original title: Accelerating the pace of disaster recovery and reconstruction to ensure that the masses are safe and warm, and Liu Guo, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Liu Guozhong, to the Blue Ot County, and resume the reconstruction work.

He emphasized that he must go to study the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Flood Control and Disaster Relief and the important instructions for the important speech of Shaanxi, adhere to the people-centered, accelerate the promotion of disaster recovery and 上海金桥桑拿会所 reconstruction, and ensure the safety of the masses. Winter.

  Liu Guizhong came to Zhangjiaping Village, nine houses, and listened to infrastructure resumption and reconstruction and reporting, asked about the placement of affected people. The villagers took Xiaoliang to be treated in Yushan Town after being affected, and the next step was moved to the new community.

Liu Guizhong walked into his rent of a house, looking at life facilities, asking about the implementation of resettlement policies, and I wish them to move in the new home as soon as possible.

Liu Guizhong emphasizes that it is the first task that is currently the first to be safe and warm, and it is necessary to do this job, ensure that it is not allowed to make one household. At the same time, we must determine the relocation of the disaster threats. On the basis of respecting the wishes of the masses, fully mobilize their enthusiasm, integrate all kinds of policies, coordinate all parties, scientific and sequential, and efforts to make the masses living safely .

  After the disaster of persimmon garden, Zhangjiaping Village, He Jiachuan Village, Han Jiaping Village after rebuilding the temporary centralized office point, Liu Guizhong visits the village cadres, understands the post-disaster reconstruction, life assistance and convenience service. He emphasized that the more the arduous tasks of rescuing the disaster relief, the more the results of the creativity of the grassroots party organization. To take responsibility, take the feelings of the affected people to place and appease the work, and they want to be together, stand together, do it together, effectively solve problems for them, and mobilize the masses to carry forward their own spirit, with the help of the party and the government, Redemend the beautiful home with hard work.

  Liu Guozhong emphasized that this year, this year, the province’s rainfall has exceeded the historical extreme value, the disaster is heavy, the loss is very lost, the winter is coming, the recovery is tight, the task is heavy. All relevant departments at all levels should continue to concentrate on power, increase their strength, accelerate progress, and effectively grasp the maintenance of house repair, water destruction facilities, public service recovery, and restore normal production order as soon as possible.

To effectively protect the basic life of the affected people, attach great importance to the solution to the cold and warm, do not understand the various rescue policies, focus on key personnel have targeted to help, and resolutely prevent the poor due to disaster.

It is necessary to organize the masses to speed up the rumored farmland to raise and organize reclamation, do a good job of researchers, and try to minimize the loss. The Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the secretary of the Provincial 上海sn品茶论坛 Party Committee, and the Mayor of Xi’an, Li Mingyuan, participated in the investigation. (Editor: Sun Ting, Wang Qingshu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Current status of migrant workers in Qinghai County: transition from labor type

  Xinning Network, December 8 (Reporter Sun Rui) reporter learned from the National Bureau of Statistics Qinghai Survey Corps Type transitions from a single type of selection.

  According to the monitoring and survey of migrant workers in Qinghai Province, the total number of migrant workers in Qinghai has exceeded 900,000 in 2020, accounting for the county’s employment migrant workers.

In order to in-depth understanding of migrant workers, employment, the status quo and characteristics of migrant workers in Qinghai County, explore the difficulties and problems they face, the National Bureau of Statistics Qinghai Survey Corps launched a special investigation.

According to the survey, the enthusiasm of migrant workers in the county is highly enthusiastic, but there are some difficulties, problems, and need to be concerned, support. The National Bureau of Statistics Qinghai Survey Corps Resident Monitoring Office Workman’s report, the questionnaire showed that the current surveyed 105 self-business owners have been in the county (district), from the outside of the county (district), % Is the most important reason for returning home is the most important reason for returning home, because they are subject to some advanced technology, cultural and values, while also accumulating certain funds, technology and experience, returning home Entrepreneurship can both take care of the family and achieve revenue growth, and get more satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

  Domain Migrant Workers Entrepreneurship Projects are concentrated in traditional projects such as living service and cargo transportation, which are generally small, low threshold, and non-high technical 上海闵行东川路全套 requirements.

Advance, the spontaneous spontaneity of migrant workers in the county is strong. When the entrepreneurial project is selected, "I have always engaged in this, experience, technology" accounting, is the first choice; "Project threshold low, small investment" and "optimistic Industry Development Prospects account for% and% respectively, it can be seen that the entrepreneurship of migrant workers mainly rely on their own experience, and the funds are limited, and the risk capability is weak. "Local resources" related to government entrepreneurship policies, "local related preferential policies" option accounts for only% and%. According to the survey, the migrant workers entrepreneur launched less than 100,000 in more than 70% of the county. In terms of starting fund size, the 闵行会所推荐 initial investment of venture activities accounts for 100,000, accounting for more than 500,000, accounting for 500,000-10 million. Entrepreneurship initial investment is generally less, and some reflect the status quo of the university foundation of migrant workers in the county in Qinghai Province.

  In recent years, the Governments at all levels of Qinghai have been vigorously promoting entrepreneurship activities, but from the investigation, there are not many ways to support entrepreneurial funds, and the cultivation of entrepreneurship is narrow, and the level is not high. Most migrant workers’ entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship are still at a lower level. It is a certain blindness for the lack of system understanding and rational judgment on the industry involved in the entrepreneurship. It has a certain blindness. 上海夜网桑拿 Support and guidance. "Qinghai county economy has generally existed small and unbalanced development, distinguished characteristics, and lack of development.

The level of the county and the three industries have limited development level. Labor-intensive industrial enterprises, providing small-end platforms, absorbing employment capacity, and labor laborers have also been made by the past governments to make jobs to now ‘market employment’ Leading, enterprise huting staff also gradually tend to "knowledge skills", the age, knowledge, and skill requirements of job seekers, the market competition is also very fierce, and the low-quality migrant workers will be significantly in a weak position. "Noguo analysis said.

  Nogo said, "In view of this, we recommend that the targeted training of training, combined with the personal wishes of farmers and the local industries, and keep up with the times to develop some emerging training projects, and carry out tracking surveys, and implement low employment rate Ending system. At the same time, the classification is accurate to identify peasant training acceptance and demand, organize senior training counseling, explore the new model of vocational skills training, and actively guidance, encourage and support its participation in vocational skills.



9 public fundamental investigation, the "one brother" Beti, revealed these things

  On November 上海新茶论坛 17th, Sino-Shengjing and Weir, on the 17th, Beitry disclosed reception agency investor research situation, the first batch of 8 Beijiao theme funds and one have been selling the Beijiao Fund belonging . The first batch of Beijiao Theme Fund gathered to Beturi announcement, 17th Beitry receiving the investigation of 9 fund companies, including Guangfa Fund, Yiquda Fund, Dacheng Fund, Jiashi Fund, China Merchants Fund, 上海品茶论坛sn Southern Fund, Hui Tianfu Fund, Huaxia Fund and Wanjia Fund. It is worth noting that the 8 fund companies except the investment fund are reported to the Beijiao Theme Fund. On November 12th, the 8 North Exchange Theme Fund was officially approved, and became the first batch of public fund products participating in the North Exchange.

  All of the eight Beijiao theme funds are both a mixed fund, and the two-year closed period is set, and it operates in a "two-year regular open" mode.

  In addition, China Merchants Fund issued a new stock form for sale on November 15, which invests in the "special new" stock including the three exchanges of Shanghai and Shenzhen. Bertry revealed the main customers, saying that the expansion of the Beijiao office was officially opened on November 15. As of 17, November 17, the first batch of 81 listed companies had only a total market value of 100 billion. Among them, Beitry has a total market value of 86.6 billion yuan to astheated the North Exchange "One Brother", and the second-digit CNC total market value is only 25.5 billion yuan. Disclosure, Beitry main business is produced to produce lithium-ion battery positive materials and negative electrode materials, and the main products include lithium-ion battery negative electrode materials, positive electrode materials, natural scales graphite, and graphite product processing.

  In the survey of the day, Bertry said that the company’s customer structure is relatively stable. It is mainly based on overseas customers such as Panasonic, Samsung, Ski, LG, and is mainly based on Ningde Times and BYD. In addition, for production capacity, Beitry said that the company’s expansion plan is mainly based on the change in demand in the downstream market and the market forecasts to decide to expand the expansion. At present, whether it is a new energy car or the energy storage market, it is in high growth stage, and the demand has a further acceleration trend. The company has corresponding land reserves in Huizhou, Tianjin, Changzhou and other bases, which can be based on market demand. Start a new expansion plan. In terms of performance, Beitre’s revenue is 100 million in three quarters, a year-on-year growth rate; net profit billion, a year-on-year growth%.

  The Beijiao Office opened three days, Beturi stock price fell nearly 5%.

However, as a selection of layers translation listed companies, the company’s share price has increased by 350% in the year.

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2021 Annual Luoyang Internet Industry Party Building Procurement Assembly

The meeting pointed out that since this year, the city’s Internet industry has worked earnestly, focusing on the "Building 100 Anniversary" theme main line, 上海徐汇区有服务的洗浴会所 focusing organization, team, activity construction, actively exploring innovative Internet party building work, party organizations in the Internet field appeal and cohesiveness constantly enhanced . The meeting requires that the city’s Internet industry should adhere to the new requirements of the new era of the party’s construction as follows, the concept of "party construction is strong", ensuring that the Internet industry has always thought about the party, politically, and acts on party Chinese, with the party go. It is necessary to grasp the construction of the team, strengthen the cultivation of new students, and the backup power, and incorporate the party’s workload into the corporate performance assessment system, and continuously promote the "same frequency resonance" of the Internet corporate party 上海水磨实体店微信 construction and production operations.

It is necessary to integrate the party building red index with the industry’s health development, public welfare services and innovation and entrepreneurship, realize the party building envision, and strongly promote the healthy development of Luoyang Internet industry, in order to create a national civilized city, building a young friendly city contributing to the Internet industry .

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China @ 四 川 | Chengdu’s new discovery or can reveal the important lack of ancient civilization

  Xinhua News Agency, August 25 (Reporter Tongfang) Chengdu Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute announced on the 25th, and found a Zhouyi Site in Chengdu, Chengdu – the rhinocerique 爱上海新人验证交流区 site, the site is in the Samsung Pile, Jinsha In the key nodes of the representative of the early cultural transitions, or further revealed the important lack of ancient civilization. According to Kiongojo, the head of the exclusive site, in October 2020, the rhinoceros area was found, and it has been detailed and discovered in March 2021.

The site is a site that has a continuous development of the Chengdu Plain to the Spring and Autumn Period, and has cleaned up more than 80 tombs in the West and Spring and Autumn Period, more than 10 gray pits, 3 gray pits, 1 kiln, 1 stove, etc. Culturally. "This archaeological discovery is of great significance for restoring historical and cultural appearance, reproducing social organization form, revealing the funeral custom, etc., is a material that is not much more cultural in ancient Chinese. Due to the lack of literature, archaeological work has a unusual significance for the construction of the history of Sichuan Province.

From the current archaeological materials, the development of ancient Chinese culture has experienced several stages of Baodun culture, Samsungdu culture, 12 bridge culture, and advanced culture.

  Xiong Yuqiao told reporters that the site is based on the early culture representing the Buddun Site, Samsung Pile Site and Jinsha Site, 上海美女工作室 etc. On the key nodes of the high-priced cultural transition, it provides important materials for building and improving the ancient culture. In addition, this excavation launched a number of scientific and technological archaeological work such as plant archaeological, animal archaeological and environmental archeology. It was found in the east-week tomb, and the deer had a symbol of wealth and sacrifices in the ancient society, but also reflected At that time, the development of the hunting industry was.

(End) [Editor: Jiang Yan].


Chongqing 7 item is selected in the west of the first

  On October 1上海松江微信品茶90分钟1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that 7 items such as the 2021 major data industry development pilot demonstration project, the safety of the special high-voltage transmission lines of Chongqing, were selected, and the number of western columns was selected.

  These seven projects are the special data platform developed by Chongqing Guangren Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the Longzhi Industrial Big Data Cloud Service Platform developed by Chongqing Longyu Buying Technology Co., Ltd., which is limited to financial shares. The company developed the financial data intelligent wind control platform based on across-source multi-dimensional real-time analysis technology, the new smart city intelligent central core competency platform developed by Chongqing University Data Application Development Co., 上海松江大学城有多少学生 Ltd., the small micro-micro-micro-micro Credit Digital Service Cloud Platform R & D and Application, Chongqing Expressway Group Co., Ltd. developed by Chongqing Expressway Based on the multi-service integration application of Big Data Mid Taiwan, Bobi Delivery Technology Co., Ltd. Analyze the platform.

  These projects involve the optimization of enterprise production, industrial chain supply chain management, urban large data applications, data cross-industry fusion applications, and high data analysis mining and other fields and have outstanding performance.

Such as new smart cities intelligent central core competency platform, as of now, more than 200 common technologies and business collaborative capacity components will greatly save financial funds, and reduce technology development cycles, and improve government administration safety.

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Eskills: Let good ecology become rural revitalization support points

Rustic revitalization, ecological livability is the key.

In recent years, Nagui Town, Negitation County, has always adhered to the development philosophy of "Green Water Qingshan Yinshan", continues to carry out comprehensive management of human residential environment, comprehensively promote the pace of beautiful rural construction, unwavering ecological priority, green development road, Focus, look at the mountains, see the water, stay the homesickness of the hometown.

Not long ago, the comprehensive management improved the ecological environment, Chenwan Village has ushered in a group of special visitors because of the "toilet revolution", and the relevant personnel of the government departments will form a watcher group, to the auction of the rural toilet, and learn the red eyebrow.work experience.

"Every farmer home after flushing manure, can be accessed through a natural gap, automatically flow into the terminal collection system, treatment and disposal, eventually become water flow out, only a small amount of impurities." The town party secretary Li Feng to the high He introduced the members of the tour group. Church groups Chen Guoying aunt’s home, after the transformation of the new toilets clean, bright, clean, walls, floors are covered with white tiles, toilet, sink, shower and other facilities everything, talk about these changes, Chen Guoying beaming, "toilet revolution is done well, there is no mosquito Yingzi, the toilet no longer clutching his nose." less pollution, the environment has improved, people have more of a smile.

To solve the rural environment pollution and dirty, chaotic, poor, Chimei Town ongoing remediation special action to further promote the rural "three revolutions", and constantly improve environmental governance, strive to create a blue sky, clear water, pure land of good ecology.

The town lavatories 4570, 21 villages in 7 "overall progress village" lavatories rate of more than 90%; 300 put in the trash, garbage management to achieve a full coverage of normalization; remediation ponds 120 , the former has become a pollutant pool landscape pond; continue doing prohibition of stalk burning and forest fire prevention, fire many years to maintain zero point; further promote the scattered dirt enterprises special rectification, river management Hundred Days remediation, rivers and lakes, "four Artists chaos" livestock and poultry manure resource utilization to enhance operations, improve the environment from the point and line by line into the surface, rural new look, the people happiness index has been increasing. Project to create beautiful countryside into the Zhu Chen Cun, rolling green hills and fields near the cottage integration, spacious flat Village Road extends to every household, lush trees on both sides of the road two or three villagers sitting on the roadside shade under chat, not far from the cultural square, came bursts of laughter. "This year, we are actively implementing the beautiful countryside of construction projects, the group of village roads were hardened, the villages around, on both sides of the road, along the coast, ponds pool, the villagers have carried out greening and beautifying their houses, also built the garden, cultural Square, the installation of solar street lights. Zhu Chen Cun has been extended from ‘a beauty’ to ‘everywhere in the United States’ last year, also won the national title of national forestry and forest rural prairie Bureau.

"Zhu Chen Cun Party secretary Chen Ji Jieshao Road.

Zhu Chen Cun change only Chimei town implemented a microcosm of the beautiful countryside construction. In recent years, Chimei town project construction as the starting point to the humanities harmony-oriented, according to local conditions, highlighting local characteristics, the gradual implementation of rural hardening, lighting, landscaping, beautification projects, accelerating the pace of construction of beautiful countryside.

Last year, the town built two garden, party building, Cultural Square 3, all kinds of kilometers of rural road construction into the group, road industry, poverty alleviation Road 56 kilometers, carrying species Photinia, camphor and other plants more than 5,000 strain, on the main road, a key position to install more than 200 solar street lights, rural living continue to improve the environment, beautiful rural construction with each passing day. Ecological afforestation release a cold autumn rain, walking in the village temple trail village and the cool air mixed with the smell of pine and grass on the rolling hill stems eye clinics, locust, maple, pine fight phase Tulv, green waves rolling down the ridge. A few years ago, this was still Manshan wilderness, overgrown with weeds, around a lot of the people guarding Jinshan experience poverty.

For the 上海品茶上课 efficient use of land resources, ecological and economic benefits of a win-win, Chimei town seize the opportunity, planning and construction of the State Reserve forest base of 20,000 acres, the company directly at the collective group signed a land transfer agreement, in strict accordance with the State Reserve forest planting standards, select good economic returns, high landscape value of high-quality trees planted at the same time improve the ecological environment, but also for the economic development reserve a steady stream of green power. Both Guanghui, but also gold and silver mines.

Chimei town adhere to the ecological priority, green development, the State Reserve forest since the implementation of the project started, has completed afforestation area of ??12,000 acres, planting cedar, eucommia, Sophora japonica, 上海桑拿实体店 more than 1.2 million land transfer involving more than 4,200 households, capital more than 800 million to provide more than 400 jobs, the per capita income of 5,000 yuan.

In addition, the State Reserve forest in the project area also use the ecological advantages, focusing on the development of forest economy, adaptation planting medicinal herbs such as turmeric, improve the State Reserve forest eco-economic zone, creating rural eco-tourism industry chain, not only the old slopes covered with green equipment, it has become around people to get rich gold and silver mines. Green painted on the development of a better tomorrow today, in Nanyang City, 2021 Chinese farmers harvest festival village typical series of activities, Chimei town won the "top ten characteristics of industrial town of Nanyang City," the glorious title. Chimei town as the town fruit, fruit plantings of 10 acres, with an annual output of fruit super jin, the output value of over a hundred million, the town has 524, more than 2,200 people engaged in planting fruit or fruit related industries. This year, nectarine, black plum, kiwi fruit Chimei town of bumper harvest, and sell at good prices higher than the market price. Chimei town mayor Cao Yifei, said, "In recent years, Chimei town green-oriented development concept, to promote green pollution-free fruit production model, the implementation of standardized cultivation, fine management, use of organic manure instead of fertilizer, reducing environmental pollution, but also improve the yield and quality of fruit, led the local people to get rich, let ‘Chimei nectarine’ brand getting louder and louder, more and more light.

"At the same time, the town is also very Chimei explore tourism picking fruit, fruit processing, etc., continue to extend the industrial chain, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. Through the introduction of fresh fruit packaging production and storage enterprises to achieve a" season of flowers, four seasons fruit " situation better. by exploring live, net red economy "Internet +" new model to achieve the OCS selling agricultural products. by planning sightseeing trips, nectarines rural arts festivals, attracting visitors both inside and outside the province came to picking flowers .

Good quality attracts high popularity, long chain brought good benefits, participation of the masses of fruit production and living better year after year.

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40 cases of pneumonia in Liaoning Province

All of this reporter’s signature text, pictures, and copyright are all in Xin’an Evening News. Any media, website or individual, no authorization, link, reposted, or otherwise copy the published; authorized media, website, in use, "Source: Xin’an Evening News or Anhui Net", illegal will be based on law Pursue legal 上海水磨微信工作室 responsibility.

Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Damu News News According to the Liaoning Provincial Health Committee News November 12th to 24, Liaoning Province added 40 cases of fresh crown pneumonia confirmed cases (29 cases of asymptomatic infections), new Increasing 3 cases of native asymptomatic infection, all of the Dalian report; the newly increasing number of invoiced infections were added to the Shenyang City.

There is no newly 上海哪里有妹子服务 governing the case. As of 24:00 on November 12, the province’s accumulated report was sentenced to 646 cases (including 141 cases of overseas input), 463 cases of discharge, 2 cases of death, 181 patients in the hospital (175 cases, and 6 cases).

At present, there are still 72 (54 cases of local, 18 cases in overseas) infected hospital isolation treatment.

Editor Wang 上海外菜会所 Cui.


China – ASEAN High-Level Forum think tank, held a video conference

December 11, China – ASEAN High-Level Think Tank Forum held a video conference. Guests and representatives, experts and scholars from China and ASEAN countries through online and offline gathered together around the "unity, cooperation and development focus, work together to promote China – ASEAN comprehensive strategic partnership" in-depth discussions and exchange for China – ASEAN relations contribution to the future development of wisdom and build consensus. Chairman of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Wang Jiarui said in his speech that China and ASEAN dialogue relations 30 years ago, bilateral relations by leaps and bounds.

At present, China-ASEAN into a new stage of comprehensive strategic partnership between China and ASEAN is willing to work together, forge closer China – ASEAN community of destiny. Members of the Constitutional Council of Cambodia, the former Deputy Prime Minister Keo Puth Rasmey believe that ASEAN and China have common interests, common expectations. ASEAN – China comprehensive strategic partnership between the two sides on the basis of mutual trust form. The two sides hope that the future will further strengthen communication, enhance mutual trust and jointly safeguard regional peace, security, prosperity and sustainable development for the benefit of ASEAN and Chinese peoples. The president of the Thai-Chinese Cultural and Economic Association, former President of the Congress of Thailand quite pull Peng Chin-military opinion, to build a "along the way" is an important part of China-ASEAN cooperation, help drive the agenda for poverty reduction, green development. "ASEAN-China cooperation is support to multilateralism, we will enhance the strength and confidence to overcome common challenges. ASEAN and China will definitely be more successful and achieve mutual benefit and common prosperity." Former deputy prime minister of Laos Song Shawa Lengsavad said that the international and regional situation is undergoing profound changes, peace and stability is the common aspiration of countries and regions. We look forward to China to effectively implement comprehensive regional economic partnership agreements, to promote the national development strategy with "all the way along the" initiative butt and build a peaceful, tranquil and prosperous, beautiful and friendly home. Former Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Gia Khiem said that in the past 30 years, ASEAN – China relationship has become one of the most dynamic relations with ASEAN dialogue partnership, the results of the most fruitful.

Currently, ASEAN countries face unprecedented difficulties and challenges brought about by the new crown pneumonia outbreaks, natural disasters, strengthen cooperation with China is conducive to enhancing the welfare of the people of various countries. "We’re better than ever, more united, act together to promote the ASEAN – China comprehensive strategic partnership make an important contribution to regional and world peace, security, stability and sustainable development.

"The new President of the Asian Center for Strategic Studies Malaysia Ong Tee Keat said that China proposed to build a healthy Silk Road, a digital 江苏娱乐地图论坛yldt Silk Road, Silk Road and other green initiatives, and win-win cooperation in the region to provide effective path ASEAN Summit adopted the Blue Economy Declaration on the establishment of China – ASEAN economic partnership should be the blue one focus of future cooperation.

Indonesian Foreign Policy Association founder and former Deputy Foreign Minister Dino believes that ASEAN and China should further promote exchanges in the humanities.

Strong public support will help enhance mutual trust and further promote the development of China-ASEAN relations.

Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs roving ambassador, former ASEAN Secretary General Ong Keng Yong said that this year we ushered in the 30th anniversary of ASEAN dialogue relations with China.

Into the next 10 years, the two sides should continue to deepen trade and investment cooperation 上海贵族宝贝 and promote the development of the digital economy, strengthen financial green, renewable energy and other aspects of cooperation, efforts to achieve sustainable development.

Former deputy secretary general of the Philippine House of Representatives Darren de Jesus said that the world economy is trying to recover from the new crown pneumonia outbreak, regional and global cooperation is increasingly important. Epidemic face challenges, ASEAN and China will continue to help each other, unity and cooperation. "I hope that through unity and cooperation, we can build a future of multilateralism.

"Myanmar researcher at the Institute of Strategic and International swallow U Thant said that the ASEAN – China relations have entered a new era, we will usher in new opportunities for cooperation, bilateral trade and economic, cultural and other areas 上海qm兼职 of cooperation has a bright future.

The forum was co-organized by the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, China (Hainan) Reform and Development Institute, Indonesia and the Center for International Studies, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore strategy. The guests agreed that the past 30 years, China and ASEAN countries insist on mutual respect and win-win cooperation, bilateral relations have witnessed a landmark achievement.

Both sides look forward to walk hand in hand, as China – to open up a brighter future for ASEAN comprehensive strategic partnership and make greater contributions to peace and stability, development and prosperity in the region.


Chongqing has carried out special supervision of the transition period

On November 5, the Sixth Supervision and Inspection Chamber of Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission came to Chengkou County to carry out supervision and inspection. The first job is to go to the project, and the funds are investing in the key village. It takes place to see the county discipline committee supervision committee. Special supervision of the transition period. "Chengkou County is a national rural vibration, and the city has first checked the special supervision of the transition period has become ‘fixed action’. The purpose is to supervise the work to grasp this work.

"The person in charge of the room said this year, the city of Chongqing, Wuxi, Fuyang, Pengshui, 4 counties, were identified as the national rural resolution, and 8 districts and counties such as Kaizhou, Shizhu, Fengjie were determined. For the municipal rural village, the key to help the district. In order to do a good job in the special supervision of the transitional period of the support area and the county, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has made special supervision tasks in the political height of "two maintenance" to refine 36 items. Specific tasks, clarify the responsible unit, progress time limit, and work measures, ensure that supervision, treatment is not loose, and continue to promote the people of the party Central Committee and promote the implementation of common prosperity policies.

Based on the position of responsibilities, compaction "two responsibilities" Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Co., Ltd., surveyed, fixed-point contact, cover supervision, and the main person in charge of the party committee, government and discipline committee supervision committee, compaction "two responsibility". In July of this year, focusing on the implementation of the poverty and expansion of the resulinage, the effective connection responsibility, the implementation of the policy, the implementation of the work, the implementation of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Municipal Rural Revitalization Bureau specializes in the county county party committee, government, industry authorities, etc. Responsibility is implemented.

Under the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the district and county discipline supervision committee further strengthened the supervision of the main person in charge of the lower party and government, the discipline inspection and supervision organization, and effectively promoted the "five-level secretary to catch the village revitalization" "four do not pick "Requires effective implementation. "From the poverty poverty to the country, the task is not light but heavy, and it must not be a rest of the feet and the thoughts.

"On May 24, a reminder reminded at a town in Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County, the relevant person in charge of the county discipline committee supervision committee combined with the prior grasp 上海玩外菜 of the case, and the selection of the parties of the town party committee was waiting to wait and see the seedlings." I’ll ah can’t live in the show. "The party secretary of the town said that about the end of the discussion, he immediately convened the person in charge of the department, the secretary of the Village Party branch, and the question of reminding the reminder, the implementation of the rectification." Sitting "Not only the Town Party Secretary.

At the end of April this year, the Sub-Zhu County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission completed 9 working groups, surrounded by the consolidation and expanding the poverty, the effective connection of rural revitalization, adopted "supervision and inspection + talk reminders", and 33 townships (streets) and have The 82 闵行水磨工作室 county-level departmental party organizations and discipline inspection and supervisions of the help mission, "One-on-one" "face-to-face" reminder reminded, and urged the performance.

The test level supervision, strengthens the obligation to crack the township discipline inspection and supervision, the intensity of the village (community) supervision and challenge, June this year, Chongqing City 52 villages (community) launched a collective " The three-capital "advance supervision pilot, strengthened the supervision constraint on the" one hand "of the village (community). At the same time, "pressurize" is continued by the manner, etc.

Since this year, 22 people who have issued problems that have been able to promote their ability to promote the ability to work.

Edge, monitoring households visit to help not enough, partially remove poor, edge households have risks of poverty of poverty … The Supervision Committee of the Yanyu Family Miao Autonomous County is implemented around "four do not pick" requirements, through visiting monitoring households, edge households, Special difficult personnel, check the key poverty alleviation industry project and "look back" related units to the special inspection feedback from the special inspection feedback, etc. Xu Yun, the Standing Committee of the Shuyang County Committee, the Secretary of the County Commission, and director of the Supervision Committee, introduced the issue of the discovery, and the county discipline committee supervision committee divided into a list of records and lists the list. After hard work, a group of questions is timely resolution.

Under the overall development of the eighth supervision and inspection room of the Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the povertyst area, especially the four national rural resolutions, the key to help the county combined with their own actual, sinking first line, and find local consolidation and expansion of the poverty achievements with rural revitalization effective Existing problems.

Wuxi, Chengkou requires the implementation of the "four do not pick" to conduct the implementation of the situation, Pengshui County has carried out supervision and inspection around the village financial management, and then lists the list, and the monographs will promote rectification. In the list of control questions, the continuous tracking effect continues to do a good job in the central inspection and feedback and rectification of the inquiry district and counties, and the Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the supervision and inspection of the supervision and inspection room of the supervision and inspection room, the account sales, and check the edge change. Check while checking, ensuring that the strips have been replaced, and the parts are falling.

Since this year, the city’s discipline inspection and supervision organs have investigated 111 related issues, criticized and educating 176, which gives party discipline government punishment of 88.

"The corruption and style of consolidation of the effective connection of the rural revitalization, and found together to investigate and deal with it." Shi Zhijun, member of the Standing Committee of Chengkou County Committee, Director of the County Commission, said. In June of this year, the old Hu Hu, Hao Hua, Pingxi Village, Hexi Township, the county is too high, and the medical expenses are too high, and the home has lost the main economic sources, and it is identified as the edge to be poor poor.

This determined that the secretary of the village party branch is to help the responsible person, and has developed helping measures, but it is still not implemented until the end of August.

Due to the implementation of the help measures, the secretary of the village party branch was seriously processed.

In response to the common problems of investigation, the Chongqing Municipal Discipline Inspection and Supervision Organization is closely eyeped on the transitional project policy, the examination and acceptance, the fund arrangement, etc. "Combined boxing, leading the problem rectification leads to system specifications. Not long ago, Chen Shujun, the original secretary of the Chaoyang Village Party Branch of the Fengjie County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, Chen Shujun, used the kind of grain, and the county’s Kang Le Town held "the case four" warning education will analyze Chen Shujun case. Essential issues, highlighting the harm, the lessons worth warning, and promote the case as the case, A package of blocked grain subsidies inspection and acceptance, audit control, fund pencil payment, etc. The system has been introduced, and the relevant measures are constantly refined. County Finance Bureau, the county agricultural rural committee jointly improve the pre-planting subsidy period declaration, data review, on-site verification, fund distribution process and responsibility, supporting the establishment of publicity, acceptance publicity, subsidized funds, publicity, and bank punching the system. "Now, the masses only need to go to the convenience service center to enter the platform, collective funds, Huimin policy, etc.

"The Director of the Fighting Committee of the Fengjie County Committee, the county discipline committee, director of the Supervision and Commission, said Liu Yan.

According to statistics, since this year, 12 rural revitalities in Chongqing have launched "Siki" 3176 in Chongqing, "Si Si", is subject to 10,000 people; at the same time, through "four changes in cases", the relevant unit established a group of institutions , Crack the deep problem of restricting rural rejuvenation. (Editor: Wu Nan, Ma Chang).